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Basket My work encompasses custom residential and commercial furniture, cabinetry and fine woodworking, as well as boat building, repair and alteration.  Skilled with using many materials and knowledgeable of many disciplines, my work focuses on the practical application of resources. I strive to assess how those resources can best be used to balance the practical needs and aesthetic desires of my clients in order to achieve long-lasting pieces with a durable grace.

I have been constructing my own designs as well as those of interior designers and architects for three decades. Collaboration and exchange of ideas are crucial to the beginning of all my projects. Regardless of the design source, I always do my best to provide unambiguous information to all parties concerned with my products.

Experienced trade, craft and professional people willingly and patiently shared their experience and encouraged my innate abilities for material design and applicability. This first-hand training replaced formal schooling, though boat building in both New Zealand and Canada contributed significantly to my understanding of the ways of wood.
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